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Andreyanna Ivanchenko

Andreyanna Ivanchenko

Kharkiv Institute “Interregional Academy of Personnel Management”, Ukraine


Doctor of Psychological Sciences (Ph.D. in General Psychology was received in 1985; the defense of the second dissertation for receiving the title of Doctor of Sciences in Psychology – in 2017). 
Full Professor at the Department of Psychology, Kharkiv Institute “Interregional Academy of Personnel Management” (Kharkiv, Ukraine); address: 3 Beketova st., Kharkiv, 61007, Ukraine; 
Member of international editorial board of the Canadian multidisciplinary scientific Journal «Fundamental and Applied Researches in Practice of Leading Scientific Schools» (ISSN 2708-0994):    
Member of international editorial board of Brazilian scientific Journal of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) «Revista Italiano UERJ» (ISSN 2236-4064); Journal publishes articles in all humanitarian / education areas.
Professor of Psychology and of Foreign Languages (Italian, English and Russian as a foreign language);
Lecturer of Russian as a foreign language during 1986-1988 years at the Venice Ca’ Foscari University, Italy, on the basis of the cultural exchange within the framework between the ministries of Italy and USSR (in accordance with a provision 24 of the Law 62/87);
Qualification improvement (as philologist-Italianist) during the 1998-1999 years, executed at the Venice Ca’ Foscari University in Italy, on the basis of studying scholarship obtained (the bursar was offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italian Government, received at the Italian Embassy in Ukraine);
Reiki Master/Teacher of theoretic bases and practical techniques according to Ancient Eastern psychological-philosophical tradition “Usui Reiki Ryoho” aimed to reaching the natural-ollistic self-healing of the body (Teacher of the First, Second and Third levels, the studying course was fulfilled in 2002-2004 in Venice, Italy, taught by two Reiki Master/Teachers – Italian and Japanese);
Publications. Since 1984 there are more than 130 different publications (mainly scientific articles), including 4 monographs, 27 abstracts of reports at conferences and 13 training aids. Publications’ sites (scientific research and work in the field of educational and professional activities): Scopus Author ID:  57216510903   
Coordinator of the collaboration (2003-2017) between the University of Padua, Italy, and V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University within the framework of the Agreement on Cooperation of these universities;
Education and Research work:
1974 - Diploma (School of Foreign Languages of Kharkiv State University, Kharkiv);
1984 - Diploma (School of Philology of Kharkiv State University, Kharkiv); 1986 - Diploma (Ph.D. in General Psychology);
1991 - Diploma (School of Foreign Languages in a part-time program, Moscow; 4-year course of training completed externally in one academic year of 1990-1991;
1993 - Diploma of Associate Professor (issued by the Higher Attestation Commission awarding the academic degree of Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Language Teaching Methods and Russian Linguistics;
1986-1988 - Work at a university in Venice (Italy) through the line of international contacts of the USSR and Italy;
1998-1999 - Personal scholarship from the government of Italy for improving command of Italian and acquiring culturalogical knowledge on Italy, its history, society and people (scholarship awarded by the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine);
1978-2017 - Professor of the V.N. Karazin National University of Kharkov (Faculty for Foreign Students, 1978-1998, and then Faculty of Foreign Languages, 2000-2017);
October 2017  - Diploma of Doctor of Psychological Sciences;
Since 2017 - Full Professor, Department of Psychology, Kharkiv Institute “Interregional Academy of Personnel Management”.

Research Interest

  • Psychology of creativity as a vital dynamic purpose, person’s creative life-orientation; 
  • Students'/youth's and general population self-development; 
  • Psychology of interpersonal relations; 
  • Alexithymia psychological foundation;
  • Extreme and crisis psychology;  
  • Psycho-emotional trauma during stress/extreme period; stress-resistance and person’s internal defense mechanism; 
  • Psycho-bioenergy, ancient oriental arts/techniques of body self-healing; 
  • Reiki as psychological-philosophical technique of mind-body restabilization; 
  • Psychosomatics; psycholinguistics.